Via Geek Tyrant; So, Chudd and I love all things Tolkien, and we enjoyed the recently released The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey very much. We’re also very excited to see upcoming Desolation of Smaug when it is released at the end of this year. That means that today (this day of April 1st… also known as Aprils Fools Day) we were super excited because good ol’Hobbit maker, Peter Jackson, released a Q&A on the YouTubes about the next film in the trilogy. Now, I’m not a bright guy, but I kind of get the feeling Pete was pulling our legs a little on this one. I mean, the celebrity questions were pretty cool (I didn’t know Colbert was that big a nerd…), but Jackson didn’t actually answer any real questions about the film, and then there was that part at about 00:04:50. Watch real close (in HD!) to the script laying on top the art that Jackson pulls out from the desk drawer. I know he’s fucking with us, but a part of me so very much wants that to be real! Damn good prank Pete Jackson… or is it! Arrghh!!!!

Check out the video below and then look at the screen shot I took of the “script” conveniently laying across the art he wants to show us all. But do not (DO NOT) click on the image before watching the video!



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