Via Laughing Squid; I haven’t had much time to post on the site these last few days, and when I started to look for something to write about I was scanning for the usual stuff. Y’know, stuff like new Star Wars fan art, or cool comic book cosplay. Then I watched this video put out by The San Francisco Chronicle on their City Exposed series posted on their Vimeo.

There is just something so fun, geeky, and cool about watching musician Gary Skaggs peddle around San Francisco and playing the piano! According to the article I read it took Gary two years to build this 320 pound Piano bike. Oh, and the piano only cost him $80 bucks! If you’re in San Francisco you can find Gary peddling around the Embarcadero, where ever that is. How does he steer? Anyways, check out the video below and I hope it cheers you a bunch!


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