The Brilliant WoW Art of Ketka!!!


A lot of people have played World of Warcraft (WoW) and stopped with no problem. I played WoW for four years, then stopped. But it hasn’t been easy. Lately, I’ve been feeling that itch. The itch to farm lower levels, raid, PvP, and fish! Yeah, I liked to fish in the game. It was fun and kinda relaxing, and real fish are gross! So, anyways, I’ve been itching to play WoW, but this isn’t the best time. Chudd and I working hard on Atomic Moo and personal projects. Also, my work schedule is crazy and doesn’t leave me with much personal time. So, I suppressed the urge and started working on a post for the blog. A post about really amazing WoW art! Damnit!

Russian artist Maria (Ketka) Trepalina has worked many years as an illustrator and concept artist for the cinema, advertising, and game industries.ketka110 I found several examples of art she did for the World of Warcarft trading card game on her Deviant Art page. Her art work is highly detailed and alive with color. I think she did a wonderful job of showing the magic and style unique to WoW. Actually, this is about the worst thing for me to be looking at right now. There are so many projects I want to get done, but looking at Ketka’s art just makes me want to play again. I had a level 80 Tauren! He was getting really good at Engineering and… fishting! Arrggghhh!

Anywhat, check out some of Ketka’s art below along with a couple examples of the trading cards they would later appear on. Now, I need to go scour the sofa for $14.99 worth of change for just one more month of digital bliss.


anathel_the_eagle_eye_by_ketka-d4xr8ml battle-of-the-aspects-treasure-013 InfiniteBrilliance_by_Ketka echo_of_jaina_by_ketka-d5a0552 battle-of-the-aspects-treasure-045 wendy_anne_by_ketka-d4xr8vh

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  1. Starting in 1999 I played an MMORPG called Asheron’s call. After eighteen months I was the leader of an alliance of about 80 characters, probably representing 30 to 50 actual people. I played with nearly all of them, leading quests, resolving disputes, etc. One day I suddenly quit and never looked back, though I still get twitchy every now and again.

    A few years after it came out, I got talked into giving WoW a try, but it was basically the same experience with better graphics. I gave it up after two hours.

    Sure I could have stayed in the past. I could have even been king. But you know what? I am the king. Hail to the king, baby.

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