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Good Morning El Moochadores! I have to go to work soon, but before I go trudge through another day of low wages and shitty humanity I thought I’d post about something that really makes me happy: Repo Man Posters! The two of us here at Atomic Moo are huge fans of the 1984 classic cult film which is seeing new life as a part of the Criterion Collection of Blu-ray DVDs. In conjunction with the Blu-ray release, Mondo, is releasing two wonderful looking posters created by artists Tyler Stout and Jay Shaw! These posters do a great job of capturing the 80’s punk vibe of Repo Man, which is by far and away the best film ever made about a young suburban punk caught up in the fast paced life of auto repossession and alien (UFO) conspiracies. Check out the posters above and go visit the Mondo website to get your own. Now let’s go get some sushi and not pay!

P.S. I just barley checked the Mondo site and it looks like the posters have already sold out… for now! I’m sure they’ll get more soon.

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