Awesome Kerrigan Cosplay

Heart of the Swarm by SpcatsTasha

Hey guys. Got up early this morning… not sure why… and since I can’t go back to sleep—though I keep trying—I thought I would do a quick post of some awesomeness I found while awake (I think it’s these damn blinds… the widow is facing east, and they don’t do a good enough job blocking out the light… fucking cheap ass blinds…). Another game I’m really hoping to have a chance to play someday is StarCraft II. Years ago, Sean (Trog) and I would spend hours playing the original StarCraft. He would always pick Protoss, and I would go with Terran (and I would still kick his ass). Honestly, I’m not that familiar with this character, though I’ve seen some of the cinematics she’s been in and they look pretty badass. The cosplayer is a South Korean deviantArtist SpcatsTasha and from what I can tell from her page on WorldCosplay, it looks like she’s part of a Cosplay team, Spiral Cats. I wish I could tell you more about them, but I don’t know Korean. Anyhow, I found more images of this great looking piece and I’ll post them below. Check out her gallery for more great cosplay. I think I’m going to go shower… or maybe a run… I dunno, maybe I’ll just stuff my head under a pillow and go back to sleep. Naw… I’m hungry. I think I’ll go get breakfast. Later!

SpcatsTasha Heart of the Swarm SpcatsTasha Hear of the Swarm SpcatsTasha Heart of the Swarm

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  1. I could never make Protos work. Too expensive. I usually did best with Zerg, but Terran were the most fun to play.

    A friend and I would team up as Terrans. I would turtle up with bunkers and siege tanks and he’d flood the map with ghosts and nukes. Fun times!

    Also, hot!

  2. Zerg is the easy way out! You want a challenge, play protoss and still beat down your opponents. Also, Chudd is full of crap. He never once beat me at that game! Though he did beat Chris (Buttery Wholesomness) French at Herzog Zwei once or twice which is one hell of an accomplishment!

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