Okay, so I don’t even know that much about this guy, Memed, other than he’s a Turkish digital artist with a lot of talent! However, for the purposes of Atomic Moo I think that’s enough. Take a look of some of his (actually, I’m not even sure Memed is a dude, but let’s just assume) very cool superhero art work below! My personal favorite is the Tank Girl illustration. Not just because it’s very well done, but mostly just because I fucking love Tank Girl.


tank_girl_by_memed-d5y74fl superman_by_memed-d5pg6fg crimson_dynamo_by_memed-d5da5bg thanos_by_memed-d5b155g conan_ix_by_memed-d5chq8q batman_by_memed-d5b14un

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