66 Behind the Scenes Photos from The Empire Strikes Back on IMGUR!!!


Good evening El Moochadores! Okay, I didn’t post all 66 images here. Sorry, but I’m very tired, and I want to go to bed soon. However, I did post a few sample images (mostly of Carrie Fisher, she was just so damn cute!!!) and if you want to see the rest please go visit Joinyouinthesun’s page on IMGUR. Anywhat, check out a few of the images below. Some of the 66 in the album are very popular, but there were many in there that I had never seen. Like the Wampa attacking the Snowtrooper. Give them a look at let us know which pictures you liked the most!

PLWLhLq mvz0F4F A9Ixbz0 41q8aHN 18dImvS 9NRpkOm u4BoXCl ZPMGkFS

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  1. I like that still of the deleted love scene with Chewbacca.

  2. Mister Trog

    04/29/2013 at 11:45 pm

    Lucky damn wookie…

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