Frankenturret by Corroder666

It looks like I have a little time before I have to run down to San Diego, so here’s a nifty piece of fan-made Portal awesomeness I came across earlier this morning. This Frankenturret model was created by a German deviantArt member, Corroder666 (Daniel). I can’t imagine how much time he spent putting this together, but it looks like it was worth it. He’s got a YouTube video showing it from different angles, and a tutorial page (in German) explaining how he did it… I should go over to Rosetta Stone and see if I can pick-up some quick lessons in German… or iTunes… I’m sure there’s a “Coffee Break” German podcast out there. All I’m saying is that I want one of these for myself dammit! Anyhow, I still gotta put my pants on and then go get some gas in my tank before I leave, so… later!

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