The Gorgeous Super Heroines of Reinaldo Quintero!


Good evening El Moochadores! While browsing Deviant Art I came across some incredible looking illustrations by artist Reinaldo (Reiq) Quintero. Quintero has a knack for illustrating beautiful, fully developed, women. I posted a small sample of his work below, but go check out his deviant page or his Youtube to see more of his work and tutorials.


Elastic_Girl_by_reiq jessica_rabbit_by_reiq-d1y3pth samus_aran_metroid_prime_by_reiq-d16nu73 she_hulk_by_reiq-d61w3jw supergirl__by_reiq-d63gi7g wonder_woman_52_by_reiq-d5eompy 76c1f994bf1c4db7699988b3a92e10df-d15dly9

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  1. Elastigirl is the best one. She actually looks like a Pixar object, all shiny and plasticky.

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