If Futurama was Real…


Via Geeks are Sexy; FUTURAMA ART!!! Sorry, didn’t mean to yell, but I just came across some very cool Futurama art, and (what with the shows third demise) I thought it would be cool to share it here on Atomic Moo! Y’know, since it looks like it’s gonna be a Futurama dry spell, at least until some other network (TBS, huh? you got dick all else on your network that’s funny, try the Futurama! huh?) puts it up again. Created by CG character designer, Jared Krichevsky, I think we had posted about an ultra-terrifing Zoidberg illustration he did some time ago, Zoidberg_Final_LO and I’m glad to see he went back to make more. Lrrr is really, very, scary looking. Kind of the stuff of nightmares. Anyways, check out the art while I put the finishing touches on a new Moocast and then eat some pie. I mean, I’m going to eat some pie. You can have some too, just go buy it yourself. I’m not being selfish, it’s just there’s only a little left.

Stay away from my pie.

nibbler Lrrr Kif

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  1. Kiff is awesome.

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