I want to make comics! It’s taking me a long damn time to realize that, but it’s something I’ve been kind of doing my whole life in a sort of, half assed – “if only”, day dream kind of way. For years I’ve collected comics, doodled in sketch books, and obtained a rather large (and mostly unused) collection of “how to books” on subjects like “figure drawing” and “perspective”. Then, recently, I had a bad bit of depression. I started to do what I always do when bummed out and I started drawing. What was different this time, was I came up with a few characters I actually liked and I wanted to make them into a comic, but here’s the thing; I didn’t know how! So, I went to that large collection of books, and buried in there, I found possibly the best book on the subject of how to make a comic (dash dash) EVER MADE!

Making Comics (published 2006 by Harper) by Zot comic artist Scott McCloudscott-photo2 is fun, easy to understand, yet dives deep into the dynamic world of making comics. Done as a graphic novel itself, this book helps readers learn fundamentals about character creation, clarifying stories, body language, styles, genres, framing, and everything else you would ever want to know about what it takes to make a good story! I love how McCloud didn’t try to teach the reader how to draw.tumblr_lgf2ckg1b11qa0uujo1_400 Instead his book focuses on how to use whatever skills you already have and make the best story possible. Making Comics is a history lesson, technical manual, and motivational speaker all rolled into one, and for all of us out there who want to make comics (regardless of genre or skill set) this should be the first book (yes even before Making Comics the Marvel Way) that a budding (or veteran) comic creator, should read! I’m going to start making comics! Hell, I’ve already started, and McCloud’s Making Comics is a vital resource I will be using many (many) times from here on out!

Making comics is sold at bookstores or online at Barnes & Noble or!

I’ve posted a couple of sample pages from the book below, check them out and if you have a comic you’re working on let us see it! We won’t judge you, much.

makingcomics5_sm mccloud_443

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