We all love Darth Vader (well… maybe not Captain Needa), but I think Deviant artist, Rono22 (aka: Marta), might love the big guy a little more. After all she made a really, freaking, amazing Darth Vader cloth doll, with a removable helmet. Check out what she had to say about making the doll on her Deviant page;

Here’s my opus magnum, my most favourite character of all the times, Darth Vader. One month of work, sometimes up to 8 hours a day. Roughly 40cm tall, random fabrics, felt, faux leather, ballpen parts etc. No wire frame. Hand sewn. Based the look mostly on “The Return of The Jedi”, the costume references found on 501st website and Sideshow’s Darth Vader bust. Not to mention I made some serious research on Sebastian Shaw (the man who played Anakin in the Original Trilogy)

You might say he’s a product of a little bet with my mum (or a challenge rather). Back in the day when I was 10 or so I started to make Star Wars dolls. When I was, like, 18, I bought a Darth Vader plush. And my mum was all like “pfff, he looks lame, even you could do it better!” And I was like yeah, how about no—- wait- you are right! I can make it better!

And I did! (although, 3 years later)

Good job Rono22! My only problem with it is calling it a doll. I’m a boy and that’s a Darth Vader. Boys don’t want to play with Darth Vader “dolls.” So, great work on that cloth replica of a Sith Lord! It’s very much a CLOTH REPLICA I’d want in my collection of ACTION FIGURES and REPLICAS. Not dolls.


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