Realistic Pokemon by RJ Palmer!


Hello El Moochadores! Very sorry about the lack of post the last two days, but both Chudd and I have been caught up in that whirling shit storm some call “life.” However, there are some great things out there, and one of the benefits of having my own blog is getting to share those things with groovy people who share my own interests. Things like: Realistic Pokemon!!

Okay, so I couldn’t tell you the difference between a Pokemon, Digimon, or a Mormon (wait… I think the Pokemons and Digimons are less evil…), but I can tell you that concept artist, R.J. Palmer can make some fantastic looking monsters! 4a49d311a35c828e3b411c15167cc315 Right now, Palmer, has a series of prints for sale on Deviant Art that beautifully show what a real life Pokemon might look like. And can you believe the guy is only twenty-three! Goddamnit, I wasted my life. Anyways, if you click the links above you’ll see all the fantastic Pokemon art along with notes Palmer wrote about each creature and it’s abilities. I’ve posted a few sample images below, but for full effect you should go visit Deviant Art or Palmer’s personal website. Now, I’m off to create my own monster game where in we stuff a couple Mormon’s into a ying-yang ball, shake it up, then make them fight!


_groudon__by_arvalis-d5shgr0 _gengar__by_arvalis-d5j4zw9 _flygon__by_arvalis-d63mpy6 _eevee__by_arvalis-d5mzfqy _aggron__by_arvalis-d5qfgeh

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  1. Reminds me of Wayne Barlowe’s work! I was too old for Pokémon. They always seemed like giant fetal hamsters to me. This interpretation is slightly less creepy than the original.

    [Why the devil does Explorer auto-correct an accent onto the e in Pokémon?]

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