Good damn morning El Moochadores! Kids, the instructional video you’re about to watch clearly demonstrates exactly why you should always (while in deep space) exist the safety of your spacecraft to go and poke a swirling “unknown” vortex.

Check out this wonderful short animation by the way too talented Ryan Mauskopf (aka Professor Soap, aka Rye-Bread)mr__fancypants_by_rye_bread-d9w747 where in a single cosmonaut finds a swirling vortex of fun! Mauskopf has other great animations and artwork on his personal site and if you visit his vimeo site you can get a free bonus pack with two songs! Along with the animation, I also included some of the storyboards Ryan Mauskopf made for the animation below.


Spacetime Fabric Softener from Professor Soap on Vimeo.

PS2_board_p1 PS2_board_p2 PS2_board_p3 PS2_board_p4 PS2_board_p5 PS2_board_p6

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