Star Wars Pulp Novel Covers by Timothy Anderson!


Hey El Moochadores! Okay, so for the last little while I’ve avoided doing any “regurges” for Atomic Moo. That is; the re-posting of content we find on other blogs and geek Websites. It’s not that I don’t like the other sites (because I do and I visit them a lot) but we’ve been trying to move Atomic Moo in another direction and finding our own content helps. However, after seeing these great pieces of artwork, on another site, I feel like I have to regurgitate good and hard! So here we go!

Via Laughing Squid; Check out these amazing, Star Wars themed, pulp styled book covers by artist Timothy Anderson! Each is a unique take on the original Star Wars trilogy. Check out the covers below, but also be sure to go visit Anderson’s Website and take a gander at his many other excellent creations!

20130604-12085716-IV 20130604-12085716-V 20130604-12085716-VI

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