Atomic Moo Web Comic Review of Ellie on Planet X!!!


Hey El Moochadores! In my ongoing exploration of the wonderful world of online comics I just recently came across Ellie on Planet X! Now keep in mind, I have no idea if a Web comic is already popular or not, all I know is what I like and I really like this beautifully illustrated comic about a lone little robot sent millions of miles away from Earth to explore the mysterious Planet X!ellie3 Created by Michigan based artist/ graphic designer, James Anderson, Ellie is chuck full of adorable characters and funny story lines that reminded me of Bill Watterson’s work on Calvin and Hobbes. That’s not to say Anderson doesn’t have his own unique style and that his little girl robot and her cartoon world aren’t dynamically illustrated in their own unique way, because he does and they do! I included the first three strips to the comic below, but be sure to click the link above to follow new strips every Monday and Thursday!





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