Atomic Moo Book Review of The Simon and Kirby Library – Science Fiction!!!


Hello El Moochadores! Once again Titan Books is reaching back into geek history by publishing a wonderful collection of science fiction comics by comic book legends Joe Simonsimonandkirby and Jack Kirby! Appropriately titled The Simon and Kirby Library – Science Fiction, this collection of over 300 pages of comics harkens back to a time before Simon and Kirby created the iconic Captain America and goes forward through about twenty years of fantastic stories. Included in the collection are some of Simon and Kirby’s Blue Bolt series of comics as well as their Solar Legion which is where the two first began making comics together.

Though I wasn’t as keen on the Blue Bolt stories (sorry, but they really seemed too much of a Flash Gordon rip off) I very much enjoyed the many “one off” stories that come up later on in the book. In the 1950’s Kirby’s art style improved by leaps and bounds and I especially enjoyed the pairs work on comics like Today I am A–?, or The Chairsimon-kirby-titan-books, which had a (if not goofy) almost The Twilight Zone like appeal. These stories also highlight the 1950 -60’s era space race where in comics like The Thing on Sputnik 4 and Lunar Trap explored the potential for great adventures in outer space! It’s also where we begin to see the formation of The Kirby Krackle which is a wonderful illustrative device!

Science Fiction hit book stores last week and can also be found online at the Titan Books Website. Also look forward to other Simon and Kirby collections like Super Heroes and Crime! I’ve posted a few sample images from the book below, but you’re going to want to see more. Go buy the book!

seeds Crash1 BO1MoonMystery_1

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  1. Not just a girl, a 3DTV star! Oh man, that’s good!

    Fun fact: they didn’t just pick the name Cadmus out of the air. In Ovid’s Metamorphosis, Cadmus killed a dragon, sowed its teeth in the ground like corn kernels, and warriors sprouted up and started fighting.

    This really looks good. Is it just selected panels, or are there complete stories? How’s the background info, good or so-so?

  2. Mister Trog

    06/22/2013 at 11:03 pm

    Complete stories. In fact it has all the Blue Bolt issues.

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