Atomic Moo Movie Review of World War Z by Buttery Wholesomeness!

World War Z

HOLY SHIT, IT’S BEEN AWHILE! Sorry I haven’t been on the blog much, but life has been getting in the way. Someday, I hope things settle down enough that I can get things back on track. Thankfully Trog has taken the reigns and is doing a pretty good job running the blog and podcast (kind of his thing now). Here’s something pretty cool though. Our good friend and brethren Moochador posted a review of the new zombie film World War Z on our Facebook Epic Thread (don’t know what that is? Good, let’s keep it that way…), that we thought was super awesome! Read the review below and let us know what you think!

Buttery Wholesomeness’ Moo Review: World War Z

I, for one, enjoyed the book. AND the movie, actually. When Brooks wasn’t a screenwriter, I feared the actual Hollywood ending, where we win the war, and everything goes back to some semblance of normal, complete with a president in front of a podium talking about how the indomitable human spirit will triumph. Meanwhile, I’ve got thirty [rude and obtrusive people] who can’t even turn their fucking cels off for the movie, and every damned person in the place is overweight, including me (although, i -have- been trimming weight, so nyaah).


But, see, we didn’t get that.

The book was collection of vignettes about what was going on in different parts of the world when everything went South. But see, there’s no real narrative structure in that. It would be difficult to have a movie about a guy collating facts and stories about the war, after the fact. No drama, no drive, no need to engage the characters that show up. Instead, we see a guy attached to a mission to find out more about patient zero and the virus.


The movie was good, man. very entertaining. They managed to feed the audience some of the most interesting vignettes through the narrative, which is good, because it gave me that “Oh! This is THAT GUY!” feel from reading the book ahead of time.
(They didn’t talk about the Lion of Pashtu, or whatever his name was, and I was really looking for that. They did drop a nuke, which might have been him, which is also cool, even if he didn’t use nukes.)
All in all, yeah! Definitely worth seeing. Now, about the Zedheads.
Good job.
They don’t attack like people, which was one of those things that bothered me about a lot of zombie movies.
They attack like rabid dogs.
Teeth and jaws first. Kinda cool to see, and it really fed me the idea that they weren’t as much in control as reacting to stimulus.
So, yeah. Good times.

Buttery Goodness

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  1. And I saw Monsters U. this weekend. Now that was scary.

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