Hey El Moochadores! Recently, while scrolling through Deviant Art, I came across Andrea Tammes’s very cool and very geeky art.tardissmall_zps50fe1ca0 Andrea has a real knack for character art and has illustrated many pop culture favorites (like this Molotov Cocktease and her Venture love interests) molotov_cocktease_by_andreatamme-d5x77af in her own unique style that can be fun, sensual, and often very powerful. She also has a talent for making vast, other worldly, magical landscapes. 3e972cb79f43f2b17f23b2eb68941e3b-d4j23wvStill in her early twenties, Andrea is a recent grad from ACAD, which I’m mostly sure is a Canadian art school. And here I thought Canadians only painted maple leaves …nyuck nyuck nyuck!

Normally, I would just post some images and links and let it go at that, but this time I thought I would try something different. This time, I contacted Mrs (Miss?) Tamme with a few questions about her art and got a response! Posted below is the interview (yeah, I think we can call it an interview) with some additional examples of her art.

zatanna_by_andreatamme-d5c1nxy cortana_by_andreatamme-d3glhmz mother_of_dragons_by_azure_star-d4xwzlm molotov_cocktease_by_andreatamme-d5x77af

When did you first become interested in art?

I drew to keep myself occupied when I was a kid, so I started early! Back then it was pretty girls and layered dress designs. I’m not ashamed to admit that 80% of them were princesses. Nowadays things are a bit different, and I’ve expanded my artistic interests to more than just princesses. Drawing was a fun past time for me — I didn’t take it for the serious business that it is until I got much older.

Are all the pieces done digitally, and if so, what program do you use?

I’d say the majority of my stuff is digital, yeah! I do still work with good old fashioned pencils (I’ve been known to buy the entire shelf stock of my favourite brand — I’m picky like that), and if I’m tired of sitting at my computer I will whip out the watercolours and gouache. But honestly? Having a Cintiq has made me fall in love with digital drawing all over again, and almost everything I do now is done that way. I was one of those artists who just couldn’t 100% convert from traditional drawing to using an Intuos tablet (even though I’d been using one since I was 10 years old)! The Cintiq remedied that for me. As for programs, my weapons of choice are Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop and Corel Painter.

What commercial work have you done and which works are you most proud of?

Hmmmm let’s see. I’ve done stuff for browser based games, some which have seen the light of day and some which haven’t (and I’ll never speak of, rofl). I’m most proud of my work for Urban Rivals, though. The community of players there are very encouraging to the artists and I have a lot of fun designing the characters, plus my art directors are super awesome. There are other projects I’m very proud to have applied myself to but they’re not released yet! Still, it’s very exciting for me.

How often do you do commissioned art, and what’s the weirdest, or funnest, or most unique commissioned art you’ve ever done?

I don’t often do commissions when I travel to conventions any more, so the ones I get are all through the internet. Which is unfortunate! Because the most fun commission I ever got was actually from a convention. I was asked to design a Beetlejuice character, but as a My Little Pony.2fc4e6534bb4178a04a44774f17dac9c-d4nbtsx I know I know, it seems simple, right? But it combined two of my favourite TV shows from when I was little, and it was so refreshing that someone would be so cool to ask that of me.

Do you have a favorite character or scene you like to paint?

Yeah, totally! For instance: I have a thing for painting landscapes. Thick dark forests or spindly branches with ends like claws. I love fantasy and magic and fairy tales, so I have a predisposition towards those sorts of themes. I also have a weakness for drawing cute, curvy pin-up girls… but who doesn’t?

Where can people see your work (other than Deviant Art… that’s a given) and do you have links to any upcoming events or conventions?

Aside from Deviantart, I Blogspot and Tumbler a lot (probably even more often than I use dA!):

I’m going to several more conventions this year! Still waiting for the OK for some, but I am approved for these ones:
Fan Expo Canada
Montreal Comicon
Central Canadian Comic Con
Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo

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