Hey El Moochadores! Now out from Titan Books, is another thrilling novel based on the CW‘s hit TV show, Supernatural. Titled Carved in Flesh, and written by veteran horror writer Tim Waggoner, this story pits the Winchester brothers up against Frankensteinesque monsters in a small Ohio town. Check out the synopsis…

Reported sightings of a hellish hound and the discovery of newly dead desiccated corpses bring Sam and Dean Winchester to Brennan, Ohio. But when they catch the monster canine it turns out to be “Frankenmutt”, a reanimated patchwork of pieces from separate dogs. Soon the brothers are on a trail that leads from mad scientists and biotechnology to a centuries-old alchemists, walking corpses, and an ancient and malevolent power.

Thank god this book wasn’t about Zombies (well not the most popular kind…) or Draculas! In fact, and this is real, I was just saying to Chudd the other day; “Chudd,” says I, “There are stories all over the place of flesh munching zombies and disco glitter vampires but where are the Frankenstein stories?Frankenstein's_monster_(Boris_Karloff) Why, as a culture, are we leaving behind the ground zero for all horror stories! Where in the hell are the Frankenstein stories?” Chudd didn’t have an answer, but it’s a moot point, because here in this novelized version (of a TV show I’ve never watched… I promise) is a story of two supernatural hunters taking on a bunch of Frankencreatures!

Overall, I liked the book. Waggoner’s main villain is delightfully sinister in his pursuit to restore dead flesh. I didn’t think his tie to the Dr. Luss was as strong as the story told us it should be. Even grief stricken as she was I don’t see a professional doctor suddenly wanting to stitch a mutant st. bernard together by way of getting her family back. It just seemed too cliche for stories in that genre. I think the story would of worked better with a real life Igor. Someone who was excited by the idea of reanimated flesh. I think some of that was redeemed in the book with Conrad’s first apprentice who uses his new found abilities to make monsters of his own. My only other complaint is with the continued insistence that the character Dean can eat what ever the hell he wants and still look like a male model. Bullshit. I eat terrible and my body reflects that. Even if you were burning extra calories chasing mutant Franken-dogs around the backwoods of Ohio, your going to be doing it with a pot belly and possibly a heart attack! Okay, okay. I know the entire series is based around the idea of two brothers hunting monsters like vampires and demi-gods, which I’m okay with! But don’t tell me you get to eat all the goddamn bacon hamburgers and donuts in the world and hunt big foot with six pack abs! That’s just fucking crazy! So knock it off! sheesh.

Supernatural: Carved in Flesh can now be found at most book retailers or online at Titan Books!

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