Hey El Moochadores, did you read the title of this post? I’m just too damn good at this! I’m a poet! Okay, enough of that!

So, I never thought I would say (out loud) “golly-gee that Colossus sure is smoking hot!” Or, “my god, Superboy has pretty eyes” (out loud), but I was wrong, because I did say those exact words (out loud!) because once again I was browsing Deviant Art when I came across the wonderful cosplay work of, Taerasque!llaf_ni_evol___zatanna_by_taerasque-d5oycwk Taerasque is a Colorado based costume maker and cosplayer and she was nice enough to respond to a few question here on the site. So here it is folks! Check out the interview below and a few images of Taerasque in costume! Also, go visit her Deviant Art page and Tumbler to see more costumes great geeky stuff!


How long have you been a cosplayer and what got you into it?
I bought my own sewing machine about a year ago and I’d say I’ve been having any measure of ‘success’ with the costumes within the last 7 months or so, but I can say I’ve been interested in it for about 4 years. I was introduced to it by a High School friend, and I just thought it was the coolest thing! My first experience at a convention was so surreal, I’d never been surrounded by so many people with similar interests before, and after seeing some of my favorite characters walking around, I was determined to try it myself! I’ve got nowhere near the skill or experience as a lot of people in the Colorado scene, but they give me something to work towards!

How often do you suit up in Cosplay and for what events?
I suit up as often as I can! This year will be my first time going to a big out of state convention (AX), but I’ve been an attendee of the various Colorado conventions (NDK, Animeland Wasabi and now Denver Comic Con) for 5 years or so. The Colorado Cosplayers like to put together various gatherings and photoshoots throughout the year, spending a weekend in some location or other (most recently the Ice Castles in Steamboat Springs), so there’ll be more of those for sure. Plus dressing up for midnight movie premieres is always a blast!

I think the girl version of Superboy and Colossus costumes are increadibly fun and sexy, but what was fan reaction like to the outfits and where did you wear them?
Thank you so much! I wore both of them for the first time at Denver Comic Con this year and both of them were very well received! The paint job on Colossus (done by my amazingly talented friend Sean Fleming)970486_567860989924125_1708446297_n was certainly eye-catching, and even people who weren’t familiar with the character wanted to come and flex with me for pictures! Pictures of my Superboy have really been making the rounds thanks to the incredible skill of some of our local photographers (Frozen Memories, Camera Ninjas and WeNeals) which is exciting and kind of overwhelming! I wasn’t expecting such a response to them ._.

Do you have a favorite costume that you’ve made or are working on?
It’s hard to choose! Most of my costumes are on a ‘to-remake-eventually-when-I-have-more-skill’ list, and of those I’ve finished… It’s a toss up between Colossus and Elektra. They were both really comfortable and simple, and I was really proud of the finished products.
Superboy is my favorite costume of mine so far, overall, but I commissioned that suit from Heroes-In-Tights back in my machine-less days, so she doesn’t count
I’ve got a lot that I’m working on that I’m SUPER excited to wear, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for those just yet!

Is there a costume that you wish you had not worn and why?
There are a few, back from the pre-sewing machine days where things were rather precariously held together with pins and hot glue, fit poorly, that sort of thing. I’ve made a lot of friends who are /phenomenal/ with this stuff, and they’re always willing to give advice when I get myself stuck, so I’m confident I’ll be able to remake them and show them off!

Will you be my Girlfriend? If “no,” no worries, I handle rejections amazingly well. Okay that’s a lie, but life goes on. However, how often are you “hit on” while in costume and how do you handle it?
Ah, I’m flattered, but no (*) And honestly, it depends on how you define it. If you’re talking about people showing an open interest when they come to have a conversation, it happens pretty often. Usually people are very polite if it’s clear after a while that I don’t share their interest, and they’ll either stay and chat for a bit, or go about their business.
If you’re talking about harassment, having people yell at or follow me in the halls or make really creepy passes, not taking ‘no’ for an answer…. well those happen a little less often, but they can really change the mood of my day, if not the whole con. I’m usually in a group of friends, and we all look out for each other, but it happens every once in a while and it’s kind of disheartening. There’s a real difference between complimenting someone and expressing interest, and being aggressively forward and making them feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

Which superheroes do you prefer, Marvel or DC?
That’s a tough one!! Honestly, though, I’d have to say I’m more partial to the characters in the DC universe. I didn’t really have access to comics when I was younger, but I grew up watching the Superman and Batman Animated Series, the Justice League and Teen Titans, so I had more overall exposure to them. I love the idea of legacies, passing the mantle, and the different families and connections in the DC universe. However, Marvel’s been blowing me away recently with a lot of the stuff they’ve been doing (Fearless Defenders, their new X-Men book, and the new run for Hawkeye in particular), and DC’s been making some decisions that have got me side-eyeing them pretty hard, so they’re getting to be pretty evenly matched!

*note: In her harsh rejection of me on the 5th question, Taerasque had put in a small emoticon to lessen the blow, but I couldn’t get the little image to upload into the dashboard! So, just picture a smiley face along with her scathing rejection. Which is her loss! Because as far as total strangers go, I happen to be a very nice one! sheesh.

Many thanks to Taerasque for taking time to do this! Below is just a small sample of her work but be sure to check out her facebook page at Silver Shade Cosplay and hopefully we’ll get to see her at future cons with more great costumes and gender bending cosplay… like maybe a sexy Howard the Duck

bringer_of_doom___dark_angel_by_taerasque-d63v1jw bulletproof___colossus_by_taerasque-d68c1ph flying_monkey_by_taerasque-d5f5aec how_do_you_do____zatanna_by_taerasque-d5ovk3h i_m_pretty_rad_myself___superboy_by_taerasque-d68c29f in_your_sights___black_widow_vs__elektra_by_taerasque-d622bod

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