Hi El Moochadores! A few months back I reviewed the two volumes of Alex Raymond’s230px-Alex_Raymond_(King_Features) fantastic science fiction adventures of Flash Gordon collections published through Titan Books. Now Titan has just released the third volume of its comprehensive library; Flash Gordon: The Fall of Ming! Like the previous two books, this latest volume has a beautiful hardback cover featuring Flash Gordon’s notorious villain (Ming) and his head of secret police (Captain Gordo), and then starts off with an introduction by Dave Gibbons and a extensive essay examining Raymond’s final years on the series by writer Doug Murray. In side are all the skillfully illustrated six panel strips produced by Raymond until the end of his run on the series in 1944, where the Flash Gordon artist left comics to join the Marine corpfg-fall-of-ming-sample1. Much of that war is reflected in Flash’s adventures as well. Ming is much more of merciless dictator of the time by sending out secret police agents to harass Flash and Dale Arden and operating concentration camps. In some of the strips, Flash and Dale even return to Earth to help the US Navy in their fight against enemy forces.

I may have already said this in my last review, but I strongly feel that anyone interested in comics needs to open these books and see the level of qualityFlashexamp that went in to each panel. The idea of what makes good science fiction may have changed over the years, but Raymond’s skill as an artist and story teller endures in these beautifully remastered strips. You can get your own copy of The Fall of Ming at bookstores now or online at Titan Books!

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