We use the term “Geek Creative” a lot here at Atomic Moo. We’re talking about the independent artist, cosplayer, musician or film maker who goes and finishes something special with little or no budget but maybe a lot of talent and skill. I think a candidate for all time queen mother of Geek Creatives would be Felicia Day and her work on The Guild. So, I was very happy to receive a review copy of The Gulid; the Official Companion from Titan Books to learn a little bit more about the famous Web series and its very geeky creator. Here’s a short synopsis of the book;

Since launching in 2007, the comedy web series The Guild has become an Internet phenomenon, with over 150 million views. Created, written by and starring Felicia Day, it follows the story of a Guild of online gamers who finally meet in real life. Here at last is the official companion to the show that fans have been waiting for, featuring an intro from Felicia, in-depth interviews and scores of photos.

I don’t think fans of the series would be disappointed with the Official Companion. It has loads of information about the shows beginnings, its characters, and their casting. As well as covering the many seasons the show has produced, spin off comics, music videos, and special guest stars. Plus the book is chuck full of Felicia in that little white fantasy costume! Sorry for playing the Geek-pig angle, but c’mon! She’s a babe dressed like a frigg’n fantasy priestess! Anyways, go get you’re own copy of The Guild’s Official Companion at Titan Books or (by this point) your local book store.

Just for fun I’m including the Do You Want to Date My Avatar video produced by The Guild cast. Check it out and enjoy!

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