Hello El Moochadores! Just in case you don’t already know; there’s this fun, popular, and cute duo of nerd-girls out there making great geeky music. Sisters, w-25-1 Angela and Aubrey Webber, call themselves The Doublclicks and they started they’re band just a few years ago. The Doubleclicks just debuted they’re latest album, Lasers and Feelings and we (the good fellows of Atomic Moo) got a chance to listen their songs! Ye gods these girls have talent! Though, admittedly, I’m not a huge music buff, I really enjoyed their album (well, except the Mr. Darcy song… what the hell’s so special about some smelly 19th century tea sipper? Okay, so what, I’m jealous) which consists of 10 songs that shows off the Doubleclicks’s amazing voices, wit, and a unique (girl) perspective on being geeky. Not only did the Doubleclicks let us listen to the new album, they also answered a few question which I’ve posted below along with a Youtube video of their song, Lasers and Feelings. Check out the Q&A:

Is it ever difficult to work as siblings? For example, ever pretend to force choke your sibling when frustrated? If not difficult, how do you and your sister work so well together (I’m asking this because I work with my twin brother, Chudd, on Atomic Moo and other projects. Seriously, I need some advice before I hurt the guy).

We are actually more Star Trek nerds, so if we did get frustrated we would probably either do the Vulcan nerve pinch or use our phaser replicas to express our frustration. That aside, we actually do work quite well together—we’ve been doing things together for a long time, and we have a lot of shared experiences and similar perspectives that cut down on the having to actually talk through things, so we can just mind meld and get work done. If anyone is trying to work with a sibling, I recommend it—after perhaps two or three years of living in different cities on opposite sides of the country.

Angela, would you consider trading siblings? Chudd doesn’t know a lick about music, but I’ll include a working SEGA Genesis (with a Zombies Ate My Neighbors cartridge), and my collection of vintage Star Wars action figures to sweeten the deal.

I’m afraid not —I wouldn’t trade sweet sister harmonies for anything.

Who’s Mr. Darcy? What did he do to you two? Do you want us to hurt him for you? Just agree to pay our bail, and gym fees (’cause we need to get in shape first) and we’ll go get him for you!

Oh no, we love Mr. Darcy. The problem is that because of Darcy (Colin Firth, really) we developed an affection for British men and their accents. As a result, there is one jerky British guy I wouldn’t mind sending you after, but you’d have to get in line after our boyfriends and our dad to pummel him.

From your song Nothing to Prove: How often are you challenged on being “geeky” and how do you respond to such challenges?

Follow up Question: Do you think girls are having a tougher time being accepted as geeks? (Keep in mind I think the whole “not a real geek” thing is kind of weird since most of us “geeks” from the 80’s and 90’s have spent half of our lives running away from that label. Being geeky use to be something that got us beat up in school.)

I would say we are “occasionally” challenged on this — and honestly it doesn’t bother me personally too much, because, as we say on the album, I have nothing to prove.. if someone thinks they need to get in a geek cred competition with me, that says more about their insecurities than my level of fandom knowledge. It does bother me that people do this and try to scare away young awesome geek girls or people new to the fandom, because having more people enthusiastic about the things we love is only a good thing. I mean, could you get R2D2 cupcake molds and several variations of Star Trek earrings 10 years ago? This is all good news.

Aubrey, here’s the scene; Your sister is about to fall into the Sarlacc Pit. All you have is half a bottle of Jack Daniels, a Hacky sack, and 1/16″ allen wrench. How would you save her?

Fantastic question. I think about this every day. First up, take a swig of Jack for confidence. Step two: braid my hair to use as rope. Step 3: give up on that plan, fashion a doll out of the Jack Daniels bottle and the hacky sack to look like Angela, and replace her in the band with the doll. No one would ever know. I’ve actually already done this several times.

Okay, so I’m a bit bummed to find out the sisters have boyfriends and an affinity for British dudes! I mean, c’mon, this is a perfect set up! There’s two of them and two of us! It’s like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers …but with a lot less brides and brothers …and a ton of science fiction knowledge. Well, maybe one day we’ll woe them over, but until that day we can still enjoy the hell out of their music!

You can get Lasers and Feelings at (or on… I think it’s “on” these days)”:

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