San Diego Comic Con is always an amazing experience and something Chudd and I look forward to every year! What with the con about to kick off in a few hours I thought I’d share some photos from last years convention. I sincerely hope everyone has a safe and happy Comic Con this year! Look for Chudd and I wandering around the convention all weekend and don’t be shy, because we are. We’re terrible social social recluses, so it’s on you to make any introduction and say, “hello!” Chudd also likes hugs, but he’ll never ask for one so just go ahead and hug the hell out of the guy!

See you all at the Con!!!

Trog Jul132010_6669 Jul122010_6524 Jul122010_6526 Jul132010_6687 Jul132011_6565 Jul132011_6604 Jul142010_6915 Jul142010_6918 Jul142011_6723 Jul152010_7095 Jul152010_7122 Jul162011_6997 Jul162011_7030

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