Via Geek Tyrant: Hey El Moochadores! I’ve been working all morning on a review of the new Shadowrun Returns game, but now I’m out of time and I need to leave for work, but I haven’t done a post yet! Fortunately I came across this great piece of geek gear made by Judson Hudson (that can’t be a real name, right?) that combines Ghostbusters and My Little Pony in a great way! Checkout the My Little Pony themed Pinkie Pie Proton Pack and if you’re a lot like Atomic Moo’s Chudd, try not to look at this as a challenge to your manhood (or sexuality), but as a fun piece of geek art. Good work Judson Hudson (serious, if that’s a real name the parents of that person should feel just terrible)!!! Check out more images of the proton pack below with a short youtube video!


my-little-pony-proton-pack-4 my-little-pony-proton-pack-3 my-little-pony-proton-pack-2 my-little-pony-proton-pack-1

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