Good evening El Moochadores! I’m posting about The Muppets but this is really like a Late Night Moo. I’m beat. The last four days of work have really kicked my butt something good. That’s why the site has been a little light on posts lately. However, I’m putting the finishing touches on a new Moocast; featuring an interview with a Keen Cosplay book writer guy. Yeah, I should’ve asked his job title. Also, I’ve a got a few more books read and ready to review on the site, but right now I mostly just want sleep. So, while I’m off finding a spot in my bedroom clean enough to sleep on, check out the trailer for a new Muppets movie. I love the Muppets and I enjoyed their last movie. Sure, it was meant for kids, but I never really mentally progressed over the age of 9 anyways. Plus, this new film has Tina Fey in it. She makes everything better. She’s like a new Mary Poppins. Hold on… Tina Fey as Mary Poppins. Well, I got my sex fantasy to fall asleep to. So, while I fall asleep doing stuff to myself that will make my dead relatives cry, check out a the new Muppets trailer. It looks great!

Good night folks!

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