Featuring the New Thor trailer, Star Wars Celebration VII News, and a new character for Injustice

Holy cow (again, not ours… she’s just “super”), it’s been a long while since we did a Morning Moo, but I just woke up and there is a lot of stuff going on in our corner of the universe. So, let’s carve off a steaming slice of news and updates and jump right in with…

Star Wars Celebrations Tickets Are Now On Sale!


My wallet is still hurting after SDCC 2013 and this happens now? I hate being poor, but for those of you who didn’t get into Comic Con (or have lots of cash lying around collecting dust) the world’s largest Star Wars convention is coming to Anaheim in 2015! The tickets went on sale… today. It looks like Jedi Master and Jedi Knight VIP passes have already sold out, but if you can still get tickets at the Star Wars Celebration VII website. Maybe buy a couple extra. Y’know to give to a couple of poor, downtrodden, bloggers…

Thor: The Dark World Offical Trailer


The one thing I saw most upon waking up and turning on my computer this morning (apart from the site promising totally legal nudes) was the new trailer for Thor: The Dark World. So, since everyone else is doing it (and we have no resistance to peer pressure), check out the new Thor trailer. The movie looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun and Natalie Portman looks to be one smoking hot viking vixen. Thor: The Dark World slams it’s way into theaters this November!

Zatanna Joins Injustice!


Via Big Shiny Robot: Okay, when scoping out girls in cosplay, my favorite isn’t actually Slave Leia. No, in real life I go crazy when I see Zatanna-ites (plural?)998070_10153120054875187_1615576028_n. It’s something about the fishnets, bow tie, and top hat. Anyways, according to the article, Warner Brothers just announced that on August 13th sexy magician, Zatanna will be the next character to join Injustice! The character can be purchased for 4.99 or 400 Microsoft Points. Check out the kick ass trailer below:

That’s it for now Sister and Brethren Moo. I need to go earn some money, but Later on today I’ll be posting the new Moocast and other cool, fan made, stuff! Until then have a great morning and keep checking back to the world’s best geek site with a luchador fighting cow as it’s mascot! Serious, I think in that category, we’re the best. So far as I know.

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