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Good morning El Moochadores. I just crawled out of bed and oozed into a sitting position in front of my computer and thought, “why not do a Morning Moo” while my brain is still in the reboot process. That’ll be fun! So, here we go kids! Check out some great stuff skimmed off the surface of this mornings internet!

The Star Wars is Coming in September!

I think there is a reason most stories are done in a series of drafts before being thrown at the public. I think it might help filter out weak ideas or redundancies in a story. However, since big G. Lucas seems to have a problem making a final draft something worth watching, lets see what the first idea may have look liked! Coming in September is Dark Horse Comics’s The Star Wars based on Lucas’s original idea for the epic space adventure! Watch the trailer below!

Batman Wedding Ring


Via Geekologie: Someday I may get over my fear of women and find a cute little geek girl to call my own. Then we’ll have several years of complications resulting in divorce – where I’ll probably have to give up a big chunk of my collectibles to make the alimony payment each month. But before that, I’ll need an engagement ring worthy of the woman I’ll someday call my ex-wife and I think I found it here!

Check out this Batman style engagement ring which was designed by Takayas Mizuno! The ring cost between 2,500.00 and 3,500.00 dollars, so better lay off the comic books for awhile if you want to surprise your own lucky lady with this niffty piece of shiny Bat-union.

X-23 Cosplay!


Via Geek X Girls and Take a long gander at the very girl I would someday like to make the future Ex Mrs. Trog. Model Stefany Torres looks amazing as X-23, which (and I’m not looking this up so I might be wrong) is Wolverine’s daughter in the comics. Y’know, I change my mind. The last women I would want to be with is the one with giant retractable blades in her fists and a father with obvious anger management issues. Still, Stefany look great in costume! Check out more photos below!

x-23_cosplay_05 x-23_cosplay_04 x-23_cosplay_03 x-23_cosplay_02

Well, that’s all for the Morning Moo! I’m off to go for my morning Jog, or as I call it: my future heart attack. Keep checking the site for more great stuff today!

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  1. That Star Wars is pretty awesome! And the music is the Mars theme from Holst’s “The Planets” suite, one of several pieces John Williams ripped off to write the Star Wars theme.

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