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Okay, that’s probably the crappiest title I’ve written for Atomic Moo yet, but I just got home from work, I’m tired, and I see no reason too push the creative boundaries right now. However, I’ve taken my pants off and I’m drinking cheap wine which makes me want to share some cool images of a few great posters I’ve seen floating around the various like minded sites the last few days. Like the one above titled, “Kneel” by Jason Edmiston. Via Geeks are Sexy; I posted about some of Jason’s other works a few days (weeks?) back but I don’t remember if I shared this awesome piece with you all (H’yuck) or not.

Typography Beard Guide


Via Laughing Squid; Have you ever wondered if your beard was a little too Helvetica and wanted to maybe turn it more towards a serif styled beard? No? Neither did I, but if you ever wondered what type of… well Type your facial fuzz was closest associated too then you’re really going to want to check out this poster by Christian Goldemann! He’s a German so he must know all about the Beard/ Type continuum.

War Games Poster!


Via Geek Art; “Would You Like to Play a Game?” “Would You Like to Play a Game?” “Would You Like to Play a Game?” Okay. That’s enough of that, but I love that quote. I say it all the time in that weird “robot” voice too. Even once during sex… and then she stopped seeing me soon after… I think I found a piece of the metaphorical puzzle, but I’m not sure which box it came from… Anyways, right above this drunk (very) ramble is a very neat poster celebrating one of the best films of the early 1980’s! War Games by James White is a brilliant poster, and (for extra credit) what was the name of the computer that David hacked into to cause so much trouble? Huh? Stumped you! eh… I’m tired now.

Okay El Moochadores! The room’s spinning a little fast now. I better slow down and go lay on the floor so as to keep it from moving. YOu all have a great ‘night and HEY! It’s my weekend, so we should have s’more posts and Moocasts and all sorts of good stuff online in the next few days!


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  2. Mister Trog

    08/14/2013 at 8:43 am

    Problem fixed! Thanks for pointing that out Neko, and that’s why you should never drink and blog kids. I need aspirin now and water. Lots of water. oww.

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