We all did it. We watched the travesty that was the Star Wars Prequels and then we all started saying “what should have happened.” Hell, if there isn’t one already (?), I’m very much thinking of starting a site where we can all submit our own versions of Episodes I to III just for shits and giggles. However, at least one Star Wars fan is already saying the big “What if.” What if Phantom Menace had a pivotal character and an interesting story? What if the events of Episode I and II actually mattered to the end results of Episode III? What would we need to make a good Star Wars movie? Michael from Belated Media thinks he knows. Too bad this will never happen and it will forever be a “What If”, but it’s still fun to explore and Michael has a lot of enthusiasm for telling a story that cuts out stuff like Gungans and midichlorians. I especially love it when he points out in episode II that Yoda should never touch a lightsaber! Ahhh! I’m nerd raging again… dammit George! Those movies were soooooo bad!!! Below I’ve posted Belated Medias redo of Star Wars Episodes I and II.


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