The Morning Moo!


Good damn morning El Moochadores! It looks like it’s gonna be a great day today and I want to kick it off by posting about a few things I picked from the nostrils of the internet! They’er great! Like the fantastic Breaking Bad painting above! It is titled I Am Awake by Devian Art contributor Lerms. Lerms has a fantastic illustrations style and I’ll probably feature a more extensive look at his art somewhere’s down the road.

Evil Dead Necronomicon Bikini Set


I’ll never pass up the opportunity to see a beautiful girl in a small bikini… unless that bikini can gnaw your fingers off or damn you to hell. Via Geekologie; take a gander at the Necronomicon Bikini! Based off the Book of the Dead featured in the Evil Dead movies it was made by Etsy seller Bloodlustproductions. So, now there’s a whole new reason for beautiful women to scare me.

Lord of the Rings Re-enacted by Ponies

Via Geeks are Sexy: Okay, so I’m mostly putting this one on because I know it’ll upset Chudd. The dude just doesn’t like Ponies, but there are several of you out there who do! So, check out this animated mash-up of LOTR and My Little Pony produced by JJKmovies on the Youtube!

Goolge Map the Tardis!


Via Laughing Squid: Right now there is a unique “Easter Egg” where you can Google Maps Dr. Who’s TARDIS! Go to a street view of Earl’s Court Road and click on the two white arrows (double arrows that appear as you approach the box) outside the very familiar Blue Police Call Box. This will take you inside the Tardis! Keen!

20130815-11232923-2013-08-15_1122 20130815-11232923-2013-08-15_1123

Alright then my Brethren and Sistren Moo, that’s about all for this morning. There’s still a lot of cool stuff to write about today so keep coming back to the site for more updates on the geeky, cool, and amazing! Have a great day!

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  1. >ponies


    >mostly to annoy Chudd

    Oh. *nod* Proceed.


    >bikini that can damn you to hell

    Yeah, maybe. But tell me that chick isn’t worth it. Also, i fully expect Neko to come on, and say something pithy about which ring of Dante’s Inferno I’d be consigned to (I expect it will be the one with the howling winds, or the one where the heads are put on backwards).

  2. How’d you beat me to it, Buttery?

    I really like the first image. Reminds me of sci fi paperback covers from the 1970s, all weird and Communist-inspired.

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