Good morning El Moochadores! I’m just about to run out the door for work, but before I leave I wanted to post about some of the cool things floating around the web this morning! Time’s short, so let’s just jump in with…

Girl Piants Arm Cast Like Iron Man Guantlet

Via Geekologie: Okay so a girl on Reddit post some pics of her friends broken hand and her very nicely modified cast. I scanned both post for info on this brilliant young lady with the wounded paw, but no such luck yet. Still, check out a couple of images of her Iron Man styled cast! Excellent work mystery girl, we hope your arm heals quick… well not too quick, that does look really cool!

iron-man-cast-2 iron-man-cast-1

Family Guy/ Game of Thrones Mash Up!


Via Geeks are Sexy: Artist Eric La Sorda illustrated these very funny family Guy and Game of Thrones Mash-ups. Why couldn’t Meg just be Arya Stark? Do we always have to be so mean to Meg?

meg-n-joe-e1376773554764 stewie-e1376773520325 lois-e1376773536273 chris-e1376773569254

Epic Chick Fight (Live Action Chicken Fight)

Stunt women Jessie Graff and Tree O’Toole perform an amazing reenactment of one of my favorite moments from Family Guy!

Star Wars Speed Dating

Why does the whole “geek week” thing bug me? I don’t know why, but it just makes me itch a little and the words “Fuck Off YouTube” are on the tip of my tongue. Is it the 30 seconds of ads prior to each video? Like I don’t know, but they did make this Star Wars Speed Date video which features the brutal murder of Jar Jar Binks and I’m always cool with that… but still, the whole “geek week” just bugs the shit out me and I can’t express why. Maddening.

Okay fellers and fellettes, that’s all for this Morning Moo. Chudd will have some post a little later, but I’m off to earn a minimum wage! Off, off and away!

Have a great day!

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