Via Buttery Wholesomeness: Hey El Moochadores, have you seen Cracked.com’s Web series, After Hours? Well, if you’re reading about it here – then probably yeah, you did. The thing is, I just found out about it, and it’s kinda niffty. Checkout and episode from the third season where in the After Hours crew discusses which apocalypse would be the fun apocalypse. To be honest, I think they’re ripping us off a little on this one. Okay, maybe not really (they’d have to know Atomic Moo existed first), but this is something I and my brethren moo discussed on a very early Moocast a long time ago. Anyways, hit play and enjoy!

There’s a 15 to 30 second ad in front of this video… which is usually why I don’t post stuff from Cracked.

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