Good morning El Moochadores! The internet is swapping some cool stuff this morning, so take a moment to scan just the smallest bits of it below! Like:

Jasmine, Thief of Agrabah Cosplay


Via Geek X Girls: Check out gorgeous cosplayer, Lisa Lou Who in her Princess Jasmine costume! Photography was done by Player 2 Photography. Excellent work Lisa Lou Who! I just really like saying that name.

jasmine_cosplay_07 jasmine_cosplay_06 jasmine_cosplay_04 jasmine_cosplay_03 jasmine_cosplay_02 jasmine_cosplay_01

Adam Savage’s 10 Rules for Success

Via Make Magazine and Boing Boing: I think all of us would like to be successful at something but success isn’t always an easy thing to come by. Well, Mythbuster, Adam Savage is here to help with 10 rules to help you be successful at something. Anything! Check it out:


Coulson: Declassified

Via The Agents of Shield, Facebook: Check out the last “declassified” video from Marvel’s upcoming TV show, Agents of Shield. The show premiers Tuesday, September 24th, on ABC.

Okay El Moochadores, that’s all for now. Keep checking back to the site for more great stuff as the day goes on. Well, that is if Chudd or I can get off our lazy duffs to do a post that is…

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