Full Moon Streaming!

Full Moon Streaming

Via Fangoria: As teenagers both Chudd and I were obsessed with the idea of being F/X make-up artists. We spend a lot of time reading Fangoria Magazine, then tearing out our eyebrows with misapplied liquid latex, and then watching many (many!) low budget horror films. Well, we never realized the dream of being make-up artist (thanks to the amazingly bad advice of the world’s shittiest high school councilor and the inattention of our perpetually self involved parents) but in the years since being a teenager I’ve often thought about those wonderful direct to video horror movies we loved so much. Chief among those were the films produced by Full Moon Features.fullmoonlogo Produced by horror movie veteran, Charles Band, Full Moon had an extensive library of horror and science fiction titles that existed in a time before CGI effects and YouTube. Often starring B or C list actors caked in layers of prosthetic make-up effects, and being very low in budget to produce, these movies were incredibly fun. Much like a little slice of Halloween all year round! They were like our 1990’s version of the Pulp Magazine translated onto VHS tapes.imge2c420d9 I thought these movies had just disappeared, but I was so wrong because all the great films like Puppet Master, Trancers, and Dollman, can be found on Fullmoonstreaming.com! They even have new movies I never knew about because they were made during the many years I wasted at college or pursuing a career! The streaming service cost $6.99 a month and gives you unlimited access to a large portion of the Full Moon library with new (old-new) films being added regularly. It’s kind of weird, but just looking at this kind of makes me feel like a teenager again. Well, honestly, not that much has changed since then, but at least I got Full Moon back! Nuts to you universe!

Anyways, I’ve posted a couple of trailers below so you can see what you’re getting into.


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  1. I liked Fangoria. It was a way to get to “see” R-rated movies that my parents wouldn’t take me to and that I was too chicken to try and sneak into.

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