It’s still morning folks and so I still have a little time left to post a quick Morning Moo. This time around we have some brilliant art work, fan made videos, and the best thing to happen to claymation since Gumby! You guys remember Gumby, right? Well, regardless, let’s kick this morning off with:



Via Geek-Art.net: Artist Jesus Prudencio has completed a series of portraits that focuses on the iconic vehicles used in some of our favorite films! Though, I don’t know how iconic the Mr. Bean car is… Still, looks cool though.

Jesús-Prudencio-Cars-and-Films-The-Shinning Jesús-Prudencio-Cars-and-Films-Pulp-Fiction Jesús-Prudencio-Cars-and-Films-Mr-Bean Jesús-Prudencio-Cars-and-Films-Goldfinger Jesús-Prudencio-Cars-and-Films-Gattaca Jesús-Prudencio-Cars-and-Films-Drive Jesús-Prudencio-Cars-and-Films-Death-Proof Jesús-Prudencio-Cars-and-Films-BTTF

Homemade TMNT Trailer!

Via Laughing Squid: Take a gander at this funny, homemade, 1990’s TMNT movie trailer! Created by DustFilms and CineFix, I think they really captured the spirit of the film. Except this time it’s not so dark that you can actually see what’s going on.

DC Nation – DC’s World’s Funnest – Episode 9!

If you’re not watching DC’s World’s Funnest then you’re missing out. It’s just damn cute. That’s right, I’m a man (physically if not mentally) and I think it’s cute! Check it out:

Okay El Moochadores, I hope you all have a wonderful day! I’m off to write book reviews, do a little art, and search for my porpoise in life. I’m lost without that porpoise…

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