Atomic Moo Saturday Geek-Art… Thing…

Well it’s Saturday again, so here’s another Atomic Moo Geek-Art… Thing… where we at Atomic Moo try to be a little creative ourselves and try our hand at drawing fan art. This is not exclusive to us though. Anyone else who wants to post their weekly geek-art along with us is more than welcome to (skill level does not matter). Just send a jpeg to Trog ( and we’ll post it. Anyhow, let us know what you think.

Superman Page by Sir Noel (Brandon Noel)

Sir Noel Superman 3

You can see more of Sir Noel’s work here!

Princess Leia by Trog


You can see more of Trog’s work here!

Atomic Moo by Chudd

Atomic Moo by Chudd

You can see more of my work here!

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  1. Trog, does your Leia look a little bit, uh, ethnic? Are you sketching a Blaxploitation Star Wars rip-off? Because I’m interested.

  2. Thanks Neko. NO! I’m using ink for the first time and having a tough go at it. Also, Chudd’s shitty scanner didn’t help it much. Still, I’d date a mocha Leia too. God’s willing… someday…

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