MARS ATTACKS STAN LEE! Topps Comes to Comikaze with Exclusive Trading Card!


Just a glance at that image above and I start to giggle. There’s just something great about Stan Lee beating the hell out of a Martian and loving every second of it. However, that image above isn’t just about Stan Lee’s obvious pleasure in maiming alien life, it’s also a promo card to celebrate Topps bring it’s famous Mars Attacks series to this years Comikaze!logo Y’know Comikaze, right? It’s like San Diego Comic Con but in L.A. and actually about comics. For the 2013 Comikaze, Topps, will be there November 1st through the 3rd to promote their Mars Attacks: Invasion series of cards and will be giving away the card above. The Stan slamming Martians card is limited to 2500 and was illustrated by Joe Jusko. Here’s a quote about the promo card from Adam Levine of Topps:

“In 1962 when Mars Attacks was making its mark on the world of trading cards, Stan and his stable of sensational superhero stories were transforming the landscape of comic books,” – “I can’t think of any better match-up than these two pop culture icons to face off in the most outrageous, out-of-this world trading card crossover we’ve ever seen!”

The card really does look cool (he looks just so damn happy! Wickedly gleeful as does violence…) and both Chudd and I are looking forward to this Novembers Comikaze where, who knows, we may get a couple.

Serious kids, please don’t ever smash someone with a typewriter. It’s only funny (necessary?) when Stan Lee does it to Martians, and even then he’s doing it for all mankind.

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  1. I know he’s spent his twilight years suing everybody he ever met, but I still like Stan Lee. He just seems like a very nice old man with great stories to tell. We don’t have enough of those guys like we used to.

    I wouldn’t mind shaking his hand, but I’ll probably never get the chance. History will note that he did more for the Jews than Ben-Gurion.

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