The Scale of the Universe

The Scale of the Universe

Please please please please tell me that the Giant Earthworm and Japanese Spider Crab are two creatures that are now happily extinct. I don’t know if I can live on the same planet with two of the creepiest critters I’ve ever heard of. Anyhow, Trog pointed me towards this nifty interactive video by the HTwins of the scale of the universe. Basically it takes you from the tiniest things in our universe (quantum foam and strings) to the observable universe. If you’ve been looking for something that will amaze you, while at the same time make you feel incredibly small and insignificant (with the added bonus of eating up you’re whole morning cause you can’t stop playing with it), well this is for you. I’ll add a couple more screen shots of it below, but click here to see it for yourself and enjoy.

Scale of the Universe: Small

Scale of the Universe: Big

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  1. There’s another version of this that dates back at least to the 70s you can see on youtube. By the way, if those things creep you out, do not repeat do not google “coconut crab.”

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