Atomic Moo Comic Review: Devil May Cry: The Chronicles of Virgil

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I have no idea where to begin on this one… This is another graphic novel Titan sent to us, which again I’m grateful for because I ended spending over $150.00 on my car this weekend (you know we could all have more money for comics and other bullshit if we could just get off our asses and invent those Star Trek transporters already). Anyhow, unfortunately I’m not familiar at all with the Devil May Cry franchise. I’ve never played the video games, and I’ve never read any other comics based on these characters (if there are any). So I’m not sure how good of a review I can give this book, Devil May Cry: The Chronicles of Virgil.

So, I’m guessing the franchise is loooooooooosely inspired by the 14th century poem by Dante since two of the main characters are Dante and Vergil, and there’s demons and limbo… giant worms… soda… etc… Except here, the two are twin brothers, and they’re both half demon, haven’t seen each other in years, and they kill other demons who are trying to drain the life force of the entire world. Okay… One brother, Dante, is locked in a demon prison called Hellfire. The other white-haired masked wearing brother, Vergil (Why Vergil and not Virgil?), enlists the help of a psychic girl, Kat, to break Dante out. See, Kat can travel through limbo (which sounds more like hell in this comic ’cause of all the demons and whatever) in an astral form, and Virgil—sorry, I mean Vergil—needs her to help him find an entrance to to the prison on that dimension… Got it?


Here’s the positive: The art work was pretty good and I really enjoyed some of the designs of the monsters (like the Onyx and the Phlegethon). Also, I really appreciate that the book was a hardback. I think that’s more of a European thing to do, but it’s something I wish more American comic companies would try.

…And here’s the negative: Honestly, I found this book kind of difficult to get through, and not very interesting. Maybe if I knew more about the characters and their histories I would’ve been more into this book. That’s something I’ve been complaining about as I try to get more into comics. It just seems like whenever I pick up a new title (even if it’s a first issue), I’m being dropped right into the middle of a story with no background of what’s going on. Which is exactly the case here. There’s like four or five other Devil May Cry video games out there. So there’s probably a lot of background elements that could’ve been better explained (like the cola… what was the deal with the cola?). So fans of the games will probably understand that sort of stuff and enjoy this way more than an outsider like me could. Another thing, it didn’t seem like there was much to the story other than setting up situations to fight monsters, which I kind of get because it’s a prelude book to a video game about fighting monsters, but didn’t really make for a compelling story.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. I did want to mention that I received my issue of Ugli Studios Presents from Ugli Studios.

Ugli Studios Presents

I chipped in to their Kickstarter campaign and got my issue in the mail last week. I believe the first comic review I started doing for Atomic Moo was for this issue, and you can check that out here. Later!

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  1. Both spellings are used: Dante wrote his poem in Italian so the name was Virgilio, but Virgil wrote in Latin and used Vergilius.

    The poem itself is pretty groovy. Lots of monsters and farting demons and rivers of shit and whatnot. If you’d like to know more, I’ve read the books several times all the way through.

  2. I picked up a copy of it a few months ago and it just referred to him as Virgil (after I watched a pretty bad anime version of it and got curious to the real story). Didn’t know about the latin version.

  3. I’ll do a special Moos You Can Use, Dante edition soon.

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