Okay, so I got the book first, but I wanted to wait until I had seen the movie before writing the review about the book. Not because I wanted my opinion of the movie to affect the book review, but because I wanted to see how all these brilliant images fit into the film. I am very serious here and not just blowing smoke up your collective asses; as far as film based-art books go, this one is excellent!elysium_the_art_of_the_film_l Elysium: The Art of the Film is an in depth exploration of the massive amount of paint, model, photography, logo, 3D, and just about every other art form imaginable that went into the production of this summers blockbuster film. Published by Titan Books; this art book starts with an introduction by film maker, Neill Blomkamp and then continues with behind the scenes photos, production art, exclusive interviews with cast and crew, and design concepts from Weta Workshops! Some of my favorite sections in the book are those that show the dozens of graffiti tags and tattoos that seem to just flash by in the fast paced film. The logosScan 132360003 and promotional work for Elysium have a clean, futuristic appeal. While at the same time the tattoos and tags help make the planet Earth seem more dangerous and lost. The rest of the book is chuck full of great future techImage_2 (the same “function rules” like tech we saw in District 9) of weapons and Spacecraft! I won’t get into a review of the film here (I think Chudd and I are saving that for the next Moocast) other than to say it’s excellent and well worth a ticket, but if you’re a fan of Neill Blomkamp films then this is a book you’ll want to have! Elysium: The Art of the Film was written by Mark Salisbury and can be found in book stores now or online at Titan Books!

I’ve posted a few sample images below and a trailer from the film, but go see the movie while it’s still in theaters and show support for more science fiction! Oh, and buy the book! Jesus, there’s more to life than going to the movies. Like, reading about the movies…

Elysium-Art-4-640x356 Matt Damon;Sharlto Copley elysium-movie-image-3 1683530-slide-s-6-elysium-the-art-of-the-film-book el5_large image_1

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