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Okay, so this was supposed to be a “Morning Moo” post, but (and only because I’m not very smart) I kind of got myself locked out of the Atomic Moo site. Chudd has really done a good job of increasing security on the site and my passwords tend to be a little bit too complex and forgettable. But I’m back on now and ready to tell you all about some of the truly niffty things featured on the Web today! Like this beautiful R2-D2 styled wedding ring! Via Geek Tyrant: The ring was crafted by master jeweler Paul Bierker, this is just the sort of thing I really would like to give to some special lady someday. If only I had a lady…The ring is made of “sterling or white gold with sapphire baguettes and diamonds in the gold and CZ in the sterling.” Keen! Check out a similar ring below.


In other geeky happenings…

Bradley Cooper will be the voice of Rocket Raccoon!


Photo via Geeks of Doom: Here at Atomic Moo we’re not that big on movie news. We like to focus more on what fans of pop-culture do with their time and energy, but I’m a Bradley Copper fan (did you see Limitless? Great Movie!) and this sounds awesome! So, good job Marvel on a fine piece of casting!

Guinness Science

Via Geeks are Sexy: I don’t drink much (only when I’m depressed and at home alone…) but when I do go out (mostly never) I love Guinness! It’s tasty! Anyways, check out a short video on the science behind this magical elixir.

Okay, kind of a weak sauce Moo post tonight, but I’m just inches away from a finished Moocast and a new comic strip. So enjoy your evening El Moochadores an look forward to more Moo posts this extended weekend!

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  1. Comic strip, you say? NooMoocast, you say?

  2. Mister Trog

    08/31/2013 at 10:03 pm

    Coming soon. Soon-ish.

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