Good Morning El Moochadores! I have one of those rare mornings where I got to both sleep in late and still have time left to get some stuff done before leaving for work. So, let’s Morning Moo by first taking a look at the very cool illustration above of a very Anime looking Twitter and Facebook. Via Deviant Art, the illustration was done by user Kb>JonLock who also has a gallery of other internet icons turned pretty anime people. I really like his art, and I do feel twitter would like this, but I think the Facebook girl would look more like an obese Snooki with dozens of pointless tattoos (advertising shit I would never buy) scattered across her disgusting body. Yeah, that’s a Facebook. Anyways, go checkout more of Jonlock’s other illustrations via the link above.

Elsewhere on the internet…

Possibly the Worst Ad EVER!

Via Geeks are Sexy: I really hope this isn’t a parody. I don’t want to be mean or shitty, but it’s so rare to find stuff so terrible it almost transcends the good. Anyways, check out this add for a Digital Loggers: PoE Injector (I hope I got that right) that’s just offensive -er- insulting – BAD! It’s just bad, but it’s so good at being bad I had to watch it six times! From what I can tell, it’s a real product and I hope to the gods that they sell a million of these but never (ever!) invest another dime in their ad department!

Adam Savage: Work Hard, Work Smart

Via Maker Faire: Here’s a little more inspiration from Mythbuster Adam Savage! I’m not sure where the speech originated from (and if you know, please tell me) but it’s one of the best speeches for how to get stuff done that I’ve heard in a while.

Okay folks! I need to go find my pants and go do my job -which requires pants (dammit) but Chudd and I we’ll try and get more post on later on today! Until then, have a great day!

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