Harmony Gold and Lionsgate have just released the 2 movie collection (two movies they said…) of Robotech: the Shadow Chronicles (collectors edition) and Love Live Alive: the premiere release. Okay, I have to calm down here a little because I love Robotech!RobotechTitle1985 It meant a lot to me as a child and still does to this day so I’m very happy to see… new Robotech! Except this isn’t really new. At all. Nope. The Shadow Chronicles premiered in 2006 and the “movie” Love Live Alive is a very poor rehash of prior Robotech cartoons that aired back in the 80’s. In promoting the DVD release the film makers said:

Love Live Alive debuts an expanded presentation of the adventures of an expeditionary soldier named “Lancer” Belmont as he joins pilot, Scott Bernard on a mission against a mysterious extraterrestrial race known as the Invid.

Debuts? No, it really didn’t. Though the video did have some newly added animation (maybe less than three minutes worth (I didn’t count)… and no, I’m not counting where they ran the same bits of Lancer drying his hair multiple times and some cassette player on a chicks lap! WTF? Five awesome minutes of Robotech fun there! Bastards!)lancerimage and some new sound, it was just a re-hash of the cartoon that played back in 1985. I absolutely feel that the promotion of this as a “movie” is completely misleading. And that really bums me out! However, there is some good news and that is this scam (yup, scam) is paired with The Shadow Chronicles. So, at the very least your going to get some new-ish (it’s only 7 years old) Robotech animation along with your purchase of what ever the hell that thing was they call Love Live Alive.

Okay, I’m hurt and nerd raging a bit, but they made it sound and look like we were going to get a whole new movie and we didn’t! Robotech is such an awesome property and their doing nothing with it except garbage like this. Even the Shadow Chronicles (in my opinion) is kind of meh. The story is weak and all the animation dealing with space ships, Veritechs, and space battles were done in a crappy CGICrapassrobotech that didn’t mesh with the 2D animation at all! Arrrgh! Wow. I feel better now. So, I don’t recommend this as a buy. I feel Harmony Gold is just kind of “ripping people off” with this, which is a shame because I would love some new Robotech Cartoons! I would even pay twice for it! If Harmony Gold and Lionsgate did (say) a Kickstarter for a new season of Robotech…I’d be donating cash, buying the box set, and wearing the fucking t-shirt!!! But they’re not. Instead, they’re giving us garbage like this.

Check out a trailer for Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles below while I go figure out how not to get mad at a cartoon.

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