Atomic Moo Saturday Geek Art… Thing…

Way late on posting this one today. I really want this to be more of a morning thing, though I don’t think it’s ever happened that way. I really wanted to finish the piece I had started this week, and it took more time than I thought it would. Anyone else who wants to post their weekly geek-art along with us is more than welcome to (skill level does not matter). Just send a jpeg to Trog ( and we’ll post it up here. Anyhow, let us know what you think.

Robotech Cyclone Rider (Scott Bernard) by Trog


You can see more of Trog’s work here!

Vector Aayla Secura by Chudd


You can see more of Chudd’s work here!

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  1. Whoa! Tough one this week! That robotech is really groovy, and that jedi is really, uh, perky. Robots or boobs, why do we always have to choose?

    I’m going to call it for Trog, even though I hate myself for it. Nice work, guys.

  2. Mister Trog

    09/08/2013 at 9:23 am

    Sorry Neko, but I think old Chudd pushed the bar way high with his weekly submission, and (insert whiny nerd voice) it’s not a robot! It’s CVR-3M armor worn by Mars Division in Robotech’s New Generation episodes!

  3. That’s just a robot with a chewy meat filling.

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