Good evening El Moochadores! I kind of feel like I haven’t done enough to highlight cool new independent projects lately. Both Chudd and I agree that we would like Atomic Moo to be more about geek creativity and artistic endeavors. So, in the spirit of the very awesome, yet under-funded, please turn your attention to this fantastic looking interactive graphic novel: Atlantis: the Last Survior! Here’s the synopsis:

In the last days of Atlantis, a handful of men fight to save humankind from extinction. Atlantis has conquered almost the whole world but its people have forgotten the roots of their power, the flux. This life-giving energy once sustained humans and gods alike, and united them on earth.

A religious tyrant, the High Priestess, abused the powers of the flux to enslave the population and expand her power. As the energy was poisoned, the gods fled earth and nature turned against the land.

Agathon, the son of a member of the resistance, witnesses the murder of his parents at the hands of the High Priestess. He is then kidnapped and taken to the capital where he discovers that everything his parents have taught him about the flux is true. His only hope now rests on the demi-goddess, Phile, and Temacles, a member of the resistance who has infiltrated the oligarchy.

Agathon and Phile, united by their love for each other and the hope for a new beginning, fight a battle against time to restore the flux, overthrow the High Priestess and save Atlantis from itself.

The graphic novel is written by Arin Leviti and illustrated by Denis Medri with music by Elisabeth Cirelli! I’m already a fan of Medri’s work (he does the great Super Hero art like Rockabilly Batman) and an interactive graphic novel sounds interesting. Check out their Kickstarter via the link above to see the cool stuff you can get for donating, or follow the project on Facebook! I’ve posted a few sample images below as well as the Kickstarter video.


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