Boa noite Brethren & Sistren Moo! In the workings of the complex machine we call Atomic Moo it is usually up to Chudd to do our weekly comic book review, but Chudd’s not feeling well tonight. So, I’ll step in and do the job of telling you which comic is worthy of your 2.99 (plus tax in most states)! This week we’re featuring Reality Check issue #1 by Image comics. Here’s the synopsis:

A struggling artist, Willard Penn, scores an unlikely hit with his new comic. The story centers on a hero more concerned with his libido than serving justice. After an unexpected sell out, Willard can’t recall anything about his story. That night the book’s hero shows up outside Willard’s windowrealitycheck01-fc refusing to return to the comic until he finds true love. Exasperated, Willard is forced to help the lovesick hero meet the perfect woman. But he’ll need to hurry because the book’s villain, a homicidal maniac, has entered his world as well.

After reading Reality Check I’m pretty sure I have the grounds for a pretty hefty law suit against Image. Here’s why: Willard Penn is a chubby artist who spends a lot of time in Southern California coffee shops, drawing the beautiful women that swoosh by. Guess what? I’m a chubby artist who spends most of my time in Southern California coffee shops drawing the beautiful women that saunter by. I even had an idea for a Batman-like character I call The Dark Dangerous. Chudd says that’s the worst name for a superhero ever, but, I dunno, I kind of like it. Anyways, What a rip off! That’s my life man! I even have the same success old Willard does with the ladies (i.e. poor).

All joking aside; I enjoyed Reality Check. Written by Glen Brunswick and illustrated by Viktor Bogdanovi, Reality Check mixes an interesting premisesReality-Check-4 (what if you met the Super Hero you created) with fantastic art work. I enjoyed that they gave Willard more of an in depth history than most fictional geeks tend to get when included in comics. Though Willard does supply much of the comedy in the issue we get to learn of past tragedies that compel him to be an artist today. Reality Check issue #1 can still be purchased on the shelf in most comic book stores and issue #2 will hit the stands on October 2nd! I’m looking forward to issue #2 but in the meant time I better phone a lawyer.

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