Harebrained Shcemes (the same company that successfully funded Shadowrun Returns via Kickstarter) is back with a new game and they need your help to fund it! This time the titan of independent gaming has set it’s focus on making the miniatures gaming systems a whole lot more interesting with their digitally enhanced miniatures game; Golem Arcana! Here’s what the game is all about:

Golem Arcana is a digitally enhanced miniatures game that eases play with pre-painted figures and an app that can be downloaded to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets that serves as the game’s rule book and referee all in one. Harebrained Schemes has created a TDI (tabletop digital interface) stylus that with one touch can identify a character and a region on the board, and via Bluetooth, display and track their characteristics and status on a mobile device through a mobile app. The stylus is the first seamless connection between the physical tabletop and the connected digital world, matching physical Golems on the board with virtual Golem Knights and Ancient Ones in the app.

By removing tabletop miniatures gaming’s long startup time, friction and other clutter, Golem Arcana lets players focus on the fun of sitting around the table with friends and family playing a strategic miniatures game with a deep story and complex gameplay.

According the Kickstarter video (see below) the game is set in a fantasy world of magic and monsters and comes with several already pre-painted figures, the TDI stylus, and several game boards to map out the action in a 2 player game.

One of the things that has kept me away from miniature games (lack of friends and funds aside) are the complex rule systems and vast amounts of time a player needs to invest in preparing game pieces and boards.Fig_pic1 However, Golem Arcana’s pre-painted figures and digitally accessed rule book, via the stylus, will make starting a game much easier. According to the Kickstarter video (and Webpage), the TDI Stylus and game app won’t “dumb the game down” in the least, but the ability to link with your iPad, Droid, etc…,Fig_pic2 will allow you to catalog moves and access rule information much quicker allowing for seamless game play.

After having played Shadowrun Returns I’m fully confident that Harebrained Schemes is working hard to bring a fun gaming experience to Gamers. Please support their Golem Arcana Kickstarter (rewards for donating can be found on the Webpage) and for more information on Golem Arcana go to golemarcana.com.

I’ve posted the Kickstarter video and a short game play video below.

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