Hey El Moochadores! Sorry for the lack of post the last few days, but I’m pretty sure I was on deaths front door step. I was sick. Very, very sick. I think I’m better now, or at least the fever broke. Either way I’m still kind of dizzy right now. So, here’s a quick post to get back in the swing of things!

Via Geekscape: Check out the official trailer for Zero Charisma! Which is a film about roll players and nerds, and all the stuff we love! Okay, I shouldn’t be that excited, I haven’t even seen the movie yet, but I’m out of bed and not delirious with fever dreams for the next few moments. Unless… I’m dreaming now. Shit. I better end this post before my dead grandmother kicks in the door and tries to kill me with a machine gun again. Anyways, Zero Charisma will be out October 8th on iTunes and VOD (what the fuck is a Vod anyways?)!


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